Book & Homework Reader Reports:

Your Book Report and Homework Reader Report (submitted here) must address each of the following points:

  • Plot: Summarize the plot and identify the climax. (150 words)
  • Protagonist: Describe the protagonist - (a) who they are, (b) what they look like (c) who they are in relation to the other characters and (d) how they are involved in the plot. (150 words)
  • Themes: Choose one of the themes from the novel and discuss how the author explores it in the text. (100 words)  Please do NOT confuse genre (type of literature, e.g. mystery, comedy, thriller, etc) with a theme (an emotion or social issue that the author writes about, e.g. disappointment, family relationships, racism, etc).
  • Response: Explain why you did / did not enjoy the novel. (100 words)
  • Rating: Give the novel a rating out of 5. 

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