Mrs Bosman, Mrs Claassen and Mr Wedderburn-Clarke are very excited to be planning a Cultural Tour of Britain in April 2013.


              THIS TOUR IS NOW FULL! 




Our objectives are for our learners to be enriched:

  • By learning about and appreciating different cultures through the people we meet and the cultural and historic sights we are exposed to;
  • By assuming the role of ambassador for our school and country.

So, if you are ...

  • Friendly and polite
  • Well behaved
  • Interested in learning and experiencing new things

... then this tour is for YOU!



On our first night in England, we will be staying at our host school - Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College in Farnborough, Hampshire. 

From Saturday onwards, we will be staying at Runways End, which is also in Farnborough.  It is a self-catering establishment that provides bedding.  However, you must bring your own pillow case, duvet cover and bath towel.



What to Pack:

The Fashion Police give you permission to wear the same outfit twice because you're only allowed 20kg of luggage and 8kg of hand luggage.

Some factors to consider:

The average temperatures for April is 4-14° with a good chance of rain so pack warm clothes and a rainproof jacket.

Comfortable shoes are essential. We'll be doing looooots of walking!

Medical Kit:

Pack a good medical kit with pills for everything (pain, flu, allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, etc) as well as plasters, cottonwool and Detol.  Let's be prepared!


We want to breeze through customs so please don't pack anything you're not supposed to. For information about what you can / cannot bring into the UK, click on the icon below:

Pocket Money:

As a guide, my niece went to the UK for the Olympics.  She bought a London hoodie for £17, a bag for £15, a London hat for £10, and attraction souvenirs for between £5 and £25. 

Keeping in Touch:

We will buy new simcards and airtime in London, so please bring your smartphone. 

I will be blogging daily and posting photos, and encourage the learners to do the same.  Parents and friends can comment on our posts.  Follow us here.

Safety Procedures:

At Attractions:

  • Stay in your teams at all times.
  • If someone in your team goes to the loo, the rest of the team must wait for them.
  • Be time conscious and make sure your team is at the meet-point on time.
  • If you get lost, sms Mrs Claassen and then wait just inside the exit point. 
  • Under NO circumstances may anyone leave the attraction without the teachers!

On the Tube:

  • If we get separated on the tube, which may well happen to a group our size, then rendezvous at the next station. 
  • In other words, those who did made it onto the tube must get off at the very next station and wait for the others. 
  • Those who didn't make it onto the tube must catch the next train and rejoin the group at the very next station.
  • Stay in contact via sms.

In Town:

  • If you get separated from the group, go into the nearest shop and wait there.  Sms the shop details to Mrs Claassen and we'll fetch you.

General Shenanigans:

  • Although we are on tour and want to have fun, anyone engaging in risky behaviour (drinking, smoking, sneaking off, etc) WILL see my dark side:



Please note that the itinerary will only be finalised when we book the tickets in November.

Thursday, 25 April 2013:

  • Depart: 15h40 (Cape Town via OR Tambo) on Turkish Airlines

Friday, 26 April 2013:

  • Arrive: 05h40 (Istanbul)
  • Depart: 07h45 (Istanbul)
  • Arrive: 09h50 (Gatwick)
  • Samuel Cody will fetch us from the airport
  • Get settled in at Samuel Cody; explore surroundings; chill
  • Attend a Charity Concert at Samuel Cody in the evening

Saturday, 27 April 2013:

Sunday, 28 April 2013:      [LB]

Monday, 29 April 2013:      [RWC]

Tuesday, 30 April 2013:

    Shopping @ Piccadilly Circus
    Statue of Eros 
    The National Gallery
    Nelson's Column
    Trafalgar Square
    St James's Palace
    Ritz Hotel
    Hyde Park
    Wellington Museum
    Speakers' Corner
    Buckingham Palace 
    St James's Park
    Hop off @ Westminster Abbey
    Big Ben & Parliament
    Lambeth Palace 
    The London Eye
    London Aquarium
    Westminster Pier
    Downing Street
    Horse Guards' Parade
    St Martin-in-the-Fields
    Covent Garden
    Fleet Street
    St Paul's Cathedral
    Bank of England Museum
    London Bridge 
    Southwark Cathedral
    London Dungeon
    HMS Belfast
    Tower Bridge 
    Tower of London 
    Hop off @ Shakespeare's Globe 
    Hop off @ The Tate Modern 
    Sherlock Holmes Pub 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013:

Thursday, 2 May 2013:


Friday, 3 May 2013:      [SC]

Saturday, 4 May 2013:

  • Samuel Cody will drop us off at the airport
  • Depart: 15h25 (Gatwick) on Turkish Airlines
  • Arrive: 21h15 (Istanbul)

Sunday, 5 May 2013:

  • Depart: 00h55 (Istanbul)
  • Arrive: 13h10 (Cape Town via OR Tambo)



Team Bosman:

  • Mikayla (Team Leader)
  • Bryony
  • Kaylee
  • Tara
  • Zea

Team Claassen:

  • Caitlin (Sno) (Team Leader)
  • Caitlin (Ser)
  • Jade
  • Lauren
  • Shannen

Team Wedderburn-Clarke:

  • Aaron (Team Leader)
  • Charl
  • Dieter
  • Nicholas



Mrs Bosman will be organizing our meals.  Teams will help her prepare the food for the day on a rotational basis.



The tour is open to 12 learners (G8-10) at a cost of R15,000 per person.  This includes your visa, flights, food and accommodation and entrance to attractions.  It does not include the cost of your passport or pocket money.


Useful Links:

To read up on all things British, including the weather, money, etiquette and so much more, go to: