The Cross-Curricular Cultural kevin durant shoes Program (or CCP) teaches you all sorts of interesting things that your normal subjects don't cover.  durant

It's aim is to expand your knowledge and outlook by introducing you to new kevin durants ideas and ways of looking at the world around you.kevin durant sneakers

CCP kevin durants shoes happens once a cycle and consists of a presentation filled with videos, pictures and music.  It's learning, but in a cool way.durant shoes

Each session addresses a kevin durant 4 different topic ranging from cool inventions to movies, sports kevin durant dunks to music, and much, much more.kevin durant shoe

You don't durant sneakers write an exam on CCP so you may be tempted not to listen.  We suggest you DO listen.  In fact, we suggest you take notes because at the end of every presentation there'll be a Pop Quiz based on the topic.kevin durant 6 release dates

Three random learners will be selected kevin durant sneaker from each class to participate in the Pop Quiz, earning points for their class.  durant basketball shoes


Session 1: Weird Facts about Humans keven durant shoes


Session 2: The Grammy Awards durants shoes


Session 3: Secret Societies


Session 4: Dream Interpretations
durant shoe


Session 5: UK Tour
kevin durants shoe

UK Tour (2013)

Session 6: Royalty

  • South African Royalty
  • European Royalty
  • Diana, Princess of Wales kevin durante shoes

Session 7: Pop Culture through the Ages

  • The 1960's
  • The 1970's
  • The 1980's

Session 8: Cool Inventions

  • Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets

Session 9: Icons of the 20th Century

  • John F Kennedy
  • Coco Chanel
  • Che Guavara
  • Salvadore Dali

Session 10: Tribes & Festivals

Session 11: Key Moments in History

  • 20th Century Wars
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 9-11

Session 12: The Magic of Movies durant 3 shoes

  • Movie and celeb trivia